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Manufacturing Made Easy

was founded to fill the need for short  term, technical

assistance to small and medium size

manufacturing and technology companies.  Our projects

are generally too small for the average full service

consulting firm but too large, too intense or too sporadic

to be effectively managed by in house staff.

If you find yourself saying:

“In the past we had someone to take care of that, but since the downsizing….”

“We need someone to grab that problem and fix it.”

“How will we handle this project AND do our normal jobs?”

“That’s a great idea.  How would we implement it?”

“This would be a great product if we could make it at a  competitive price.”

“We need a fresh look at this situation.”

“What can we change so this will not happen again?”

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 agile manufacturing


 JIT, etc.

Do you need a “hands on” approach to make it stick?

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