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Service List

Job aids, set up sheets, operator’s forms

Computerized tools for operators, estimators, engineers, managers

Inspection & check out documentation

Training manuals, tests, hand outs & other documentation

Lock Out, Tag Out Documents

MSDS Documentation



Root cause analysis

Training needs analysis

Manufacturing systems—selection, implementation, training, development, database design

Project management, project tools development— critical path scheduling, resource management

Facility & equipment concept assistance, contractor liaison

Manufacturing process development, documentation and validation

Equipment—supplier selection, certification, installation and validation

Product— partner selection & qualification for outsourcing and contract manufacturing

Component — sourcing, quality audits or problem solving


Production & technical employee skills evaluation

Technical Assistance

Product design for manufacture activities (DFM)

Job design for Lean Manufacturing, cell concept, Four Square Analysis, team implementation

Make vs. Buy decision process

Decision making—consensus, roles, evaluation tools, outcomes

High impact, Competency Based operator training

Implementation support for self sufficiency in “all of the above”


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